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Workhorse Products bills its Falcon E textile press as a high-volume production machine that is easy to use, reliable, and offers a range of fast set-up features. The 16-color automatic press features real-time production data designed to optimize job planning, on-screen machine diagnostics, screen holders for the Newman pin-registration system, squeegee and floodbar pneumatic clamps, central off-contact adjustment, and more. It also includes a 20 x 28-in. (508 x 711-mm) Plug ‘N’ Go flash, which users can connect to any printhead. The Falcon E comes with a two-year warranty on parts and labor. Workhorse Products, 3730 E. Southern Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85040, 602-437-2305, 800-778-8779, fax: 602-437-2270, Web:


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