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Graphics One developed its new GO dMax Printer for screen printers who need a single system to produce film positives, graphics, dye-sub applications, and CAD projects. Graphics One says the new printer offers the density needed for color separations when combined with dMax 4 pigmented inks and dMax 4 film. The 42-in. (1067-mm) system can image at resolutions from 360-2880 dpi and at speeds up to 400 sq ft/hr (37 sq m/hr). It also supports the use of Graphics One’s Tango dye-sub inks. The dMax Printer comes with a starter set of GO ink, dMax film, PhotoGloss paper, and a one-year warranty. Wasatch SoftRIP SP is available as an option. Graphics One, 3058 N. Lima St., Burbank, CA 91504, 818-260-9591, fax: 818-260-9589, Web:


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