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Garment Printing




You can prevent overcuring of garments on press with the Auto Flash from Vastex. The automated flash-cure unit moves the curing head in and out of position at the touch of a foot pedal. Auto Flash is equipped with a gear motor that drives an eccentric arm. Standard controls include a foot pedal to begin the cycle, a 0-30-sec timer to set the process time above a platen, and a power-switch indicator light. An optional whisker switch will be available and is designed to automatically move the flash unit into position each time the platen indexes. The switch can be used with manual or automatic presses. Users can adjust the height on the Auto Flash, and a head-leveling bolt allows users to adjust the heater parallel to the press platen. A 2.75-in. (70-mm) head height allows it to the unit to fit between the screen and platen. Vastex says the head rotates 110


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