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Brother DTG has launched the Synergy + Firefly All-in-One Production System

Brother Unveils All-in-One DTG System

Integrated system includes pretreater and conveyor dryer.

Brother DTG has launched the Synergy + Firefly All-in-One Production System, designed as an integrated production line to streamline direct-to-garment digital printing. The system is driven by barcode technology that links all of the equipment components and allows the operator to manage the job from a single control panel. The company says the modular system can achieve production rates up to 140 pieces per hour when configured with four of the company’s GTX direct-to-garment printers.

Once the artwork is loaded, the system generates a barcode that is applied to the garment and scanned at the Synergy pretreatment unit, which adjusts the amount and spray size of the pretreatment area based on the design information. The operator loads the shirt onto the Synergy using its projection alignment system, and then a transport belt takes the treated shirt for drying to the Firefly, which has two independent drying zones each with its own conveyor belt.

At the other end of the conveyor, the operator takes the print-ready shirt and scans the barcode, loading the artwork to a Brother GTX printer. The operator prints the shirt, places it on the other conveyor belt of the Firefly, and scans the barcode again to generate the shipping label.


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