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Brother’s new PDQ solution consists of three components, each of which is intended to ease the creation, positioning, and printing of garment graphics. PDQ consists of three parts: PDQ Design, PDQ Design Service, and PDQ Print. PDQ Design is a graphics-layout and design program that enables users to compose and customize printable layouts. It connects users to an online library of licensed images through the Brother PDQ Design Service, which is available 24/7. Users also may incorporate their own designs in conjunction with the PDQ Design Service. PDQ Print captures the layout designs created in PDQ Design, sends them to the GT-541 garment inkjet printer, and manages and controls all print jobs. The GT-541 can print images as large as 14 x 16 in. () and uses water-based pigmented inks. “The software offers the powerful combination of a simple design and layout application, a basic order-monitoring feature, and an impressive gallery of affordable artwork, all in one package. It’s an incredibly effective tool that our customers will be able to leverage to enhance their productivity, as well as to creatively market and grow their business,” says Mandy Nagy, Brother E-Commerce product manager, IPD Div. Brother provides PDQ to all GT-541 owners. Brother Int’l, 100 Somerset Corporate Blvd., Bridgewater, NJ 08807, 908-704-1700, fax: 908-704-8235, Web:


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