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Precise product and fixture placement can be simple with the new drive system Impress Systems added to its Force 10 digital flatbed printer. The bi-directional positive drive table (print bed) returns to a user-selectable home position after each print. The Force 10 is a solution for long, short, and personalized runs that applies computer-generated text and graphics to a range of smooth and coated flat surfaces, such as bonded leather, vinyl, plastic, paper items, novelties, and gifts. No dies, screens, cliches, inks, and solvents are required. Impress says the Force 10 operates quietly and is environmentally friendly. The printer accommodates products up to 9 x 12 in. (229 x 305 mm), offers 300 x 300-dpi resolution, and features a maximum print width of 2.2 in. (56 mm) and length of 10 in. (254 mm). ImPress Systems, Inc., 19 Sterling Rd., Ste. 5B, North Billerica, MA 01862, 978-439-9696, fax: 978-439-9663, Web:

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