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DuPont describes its Cromalin blue as a fully automated, high-speed, premium-quality inkjet proofing system. The Cromaline blue is powered by DuPont’s Cromanet software suite, a Windows-based program that incorporates a RIP, color management, color profiling and characterization, workflow management, and output calibration and control. Cromalin blue offers print speeds of less than 12 minutes for a four-page document or seven minutes for a two-page document at 1500-dpi optical resolution. A robotic calibration module on the inkjet’s printhead features a GretagMacbeth Eye-One spectrodensitometer that feeds data to the Cromanet proof server. As a proof is printed, the calibration module verifies that the printer is operating at a consistent and known level of performance so that the ink and media profiles used to create the proof will remain accurate. Proofs are printed on DuPont standardized proofing media that are automatically fed into the printer and imaged on a rotating drum. The system uses eight dye-based inks with alcohol solvent designed to improve flow through the nozzles and help penetrate the media’s polymer coating. Cromaline blue comes with a dedicated Windows-based proof server, the blue-series proof engine, Cromanet RIP, and DuPont proofing inks and media. DuPont Color Communication, Chestnut Run Plaza Bldg. 715, 4417 Lancaster Pike, Wilmington, DE 19805, 800-345-9999, Web:


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