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The Roto-Jet from Engineered Printing Solutions (EPS)

EPS Offers Cylindrical Object Printer

UV LED unit can be operated manually or automatically.

The Roto-Jet from Engineered Printing Solutions (EPS), launched at Pack Expo 2017, is a UV LED printer designed specifically for cylindrical objects, including those that are flat-walled or tapered. The Roto-Jet features a synchronized printing and curing operation and can print at speeds of up to 1800 parts/hr. (EPS quotes the average print speed at 800 parts/hr). It uses Xaar 1003 printheads with TF ink recirculation technology, and prints in 6 colors (CMYK + dual white); primer and varnish heads are optional.


MANUFACTURER: Engineered Printing Solutions
PRODUCT CATEGORY: Digital Printing

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