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Fujifilm bills its Acuity HD 2504 as a breakthrough in wide-format, UV digital imaging, delivering both rigid and flexible P-O-P signage that holds up visually, even when viewed up close. The HD 2504 is designed for applications that require fine detail and is equipped with a new imaging technology that enables each printhead to produce variable-sized dots. This technology allows the printer to jet droplets as fine as 6 pl and reportedly produces sharp, precise, four-color images with smooth transitions and quarter tones. The HD 2504 also features a zoned vacuum table designed to hold various types of media, including substrates with uneven surfaces or irregular shapes. Fujifilm says the zoned vacuum table ensures accurate registration, even on multiple passes, and the ability to print edge-to-edge. The printer uses Fujifilm Sericol Uvijet inks, which are durable outdoors for up to two years without lamination. The HD 2504 also includes a vacuum wand for printhead cleaning. Fujifilm Graphic Systems USA, Inc., 200 Summit Lake Dr., Valhalla, NY 10595, Web:


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