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Raster Printers used new interface electronics and improvements to print-carriage speed to boost the performance of its RP-720UV inkjet printer. The company says the enhancements have yielded 23% increase in print speed. High Speed mode has been upgraded from 130 to 160 sq ft/hr (5.1 to 6.3 sq m/hr), Production mode from 87 to 107 sq ft/hr (3.4 to 4.2 sq m/hr), and Quality mode from 65 to 80 sq ft/hr (2.5 to 3.1 sq m/hr). All new RP-720UV printers are shipped with the updates. Current customers may request a field upgrade at no charge. The RP-720UV is a six-color (CMYKLcLm), 72-in.-wide (1829-mm-wide) printer that uses UV-curable inks and Spectra printheads. It supports imaging resolutions up to 720 dpi and roll-fed and rigid media up to 1 in. (25.4 mm) thick. Raster Printers, Inc. 908 Industrial Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94303, 650-739-0771, fax: 650-739-0775, Web:


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