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Garment Printing




“A high-volume production machine that has an entry-level price tag” is how Workhorse Products describes its Falcon M press. The garment press features an 18 x 18-in. (457 x 457-mm) print area, servo indexing, AC heads, pneumatic screen clamps, pneumatic squeegees/flood clamps, and central off-contact. The Falcon M also comes with Plug ‘N’ Go Flash technology, which allows users to hook up the flash to any printhead, and the machine automatically senses it and shuts off that printhead. The press comes in six-, eight-, 10-, and 12-color models with a two-year warranty on parts and labor. Workhorse Products, 3730 E. Southern Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85040, 602-437-2305, 800-778-8779, fax: 602-437-2270, Web:


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