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Garment Printing




DTG’s new Eclipse D-1 uses a dual-printhead configuration to speed up direct-to-garment inkjet printing on dark apparel. One printhead uses eight channels of white to lay down an underbase. The other head uses four channels of white for highlights and four channels of color to print the design. DTG says the two-head system can apply the underbase and color in one pass at an estimated average of two min/shirt in a 12 x 6-in. (305 x 152-mm) area. Eclipse also features an ink agitator that operates for 10 min every three hr to stir ink and prevents clogging and separation. The printer also comes standard with an ink-vapor remover, automatic platen-gap adjustment, and a laser system designed to prevent the platen or substrate from striking the printhead. DTG equipment is sold exclusively by SWF East,, and SWF/Mesa Distributors,


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