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MHM has unveiled the Synchoprint S-Type Xtreme

MHM Launches Synchoprint Xtreme

AC indexing system and printheads allow for faster production.

MHM has unveiled the Synchoprint S-Type Xtreme automatic garment press, available in two models (18 x 22 in. and 18 x 28 in.). Distributed exclusively in the US by Hirsch, the Xtreme models are said to be the fastest the company has produced due to their AC indexing system and printheads. A pinlock screen registration system allows for fast screen loading, and individual front and rear off-contact adjustments facilitate the printing of high-density and other special-effect inks. The Linux-based operating system features a 15-in. touch-screen monitor and modes for inlet, outlet, sample printing, and water-based/plastisol printing. Other new features include separate squeegee and floodbar regulators and screen holders that are flush with every screen, allowing the off-contact distance to be controlled from a 0 position.



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