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M&R’s Sprint 3000 Dual Heat-Zone Gas Dryer

M&R’s Sprint 3000 Dual Heat-Zone Gas Dryer

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M&R has launched the Sprint 3000 DHZ, a dual heat-zone gas dryer. The machine features a single chamber with a 72-in. split belt that can be converted into two 36-in. heating zones that each can be set at different temperatures. Operators can switch between single- and dual-zone operation as required, and the belts may be run in the same or in opposite directions. Operators also have the option of heating only one zone when needed in order to reduce energy costs.

Features include a variable-frequency AC-drive motor; M&R’s Teflon-coated fiberglass Patriot Belt and SureTrak roller system designed for precise dryer belt tracking; and an AccuSet retention-time belt-speed controller that allows operators to duplicate settings, reportedly eliminating the need to convert ft/min into the time substrates will spend in the heat chamber. A Job Recall feature allows operators to store operational parameters and recall them for similar substrate/ink combinations.

Other features include high-capacity circulation and exhaust blowers, an integrated roll-down outfeed hood with exhaust blower, adjustable entry and exit openings, and cleanout access panels on the sides of the burner sections and drone modules. M&R’s Maintenance Minder System alerts operators when scheduled maintenance is due, and a four-color tower light allows operators to monitor the dryer’s status from a distance.



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