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Rigid media, textiles, and garments are all compatible with the new POP-TEX line of wide-format inkjet printers from Digital Systems Technology. POP-TEX printers are available in one-, four-, and eight-platen models (PTS-100, PTS-400, and PTS-800, respectively). The PTS-100 supports resolutions up to 2880 dpi, and PTS-400 and PTS-800 models support resolutions up to 1440 dpi. Each uses a pigmented textile ink that can be used on cotton, polyester, and other fabrics. An integrated heating element sets the printed inks. Alternately, users can opt for an eco-solvent inkset for P-O-P applications or use the textile and eco-solvent formulations at the same time. The four- and eight-platen models can be upgraded to UV systems for dedicated use as flatbed graphics presses. Garments are placed on top of the platens, and holddowns keep the shirts in place. Platens are adjusted for flatness to accommodate rigid media for graphics. The PTS-100 has a 24 x 30-in. (610 x 762-mm) platen . Users can reconfigure the platens on the PTS-400 and PTS-800 to support various sizes of rigid substrates by combining two or four platens or removing the platens and replacing them with a single bed that covers the entire printing area. Replacing platens with a single bed yields a 48 x 60-in. (1219 x 1524-mm) area on the PTS-400 and two 48 x 60-in. beds on the PTS-800. Digital Systems Technology Inc., PO Box 12321, North Kansas City, MO 64116, 816-842-2328, fax: 816-842-2358,

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