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OYO Instruments, a subsidiary of OYO Geospace, announced a new Direct-to-Screen printer named the Spyder. This system uses an industrial phase-change inkjet head with a solid wax ink to print an image mask directly to a coated screen, avoiding the need for film and vacuum in the screen making process.


The system works by heating solid wax ink into a liquid phase. The ink is then jetted onto the screen and immediately re-solidifies. This phase change has advantages over liquid inks, which can smear easily and suffer from dot size variations with different emulsions and changing environmental conditions. The wax ink is water soluble and is easily removed after exposure during the wash out process.


The Spyder is available in two sizes. The Spyder 30 is said to accommodate screen sizes up to 25” x 36”, while the Spyder 52 supports screens as large as 46” x 55”. An 80 picoliter head comes standard with each system, supporting resolutions of 600 dpi and frequencies of 75 LPI. A higher resolution, 30 picoliter printhead is available that allows resolutions up to 1200 dpi and screen rulings of 110 LPI. Speed varies according to image coverage, but the system is capable of up to 10 square meters per hour at 600 dpi and 6 square meters per hour at 1200 dpi.


A full-featured Harlequin RIP is bundled with the Spyder that provides job queuing, dot size calibration, raster preview and much more.


“We are pleased to add the Spyder to our current direct-to-screen line-up.” states Lance Heap, Vice President of OYO Instruments. “The addition of an inkjet system allows us to provide a very flexible solution that accommodates a larger variety of emulsions, and supports larger screen sizes than our existing thermal direct-to-screen printers. Although a wax inkjet system is not unique to the market, we believe our level of service to the customer will far surpass the efforts of the competition.”


The Spyder is assembled, aligned and tested at OYO’s 378,000 sq. ft. facility in Houston Texas. OYO’s dedicated, and highly praised support team, will back the product with the same high level of service and skill that users have come to expect with OYO thermal imagesetters and direct-to-screen products.


The company also added Michael Davis has joined OYO’s service and support team in the position of Technical Support Manager. Davis’ experience includes positions in customer service management, sales, account management and project management. More recently he has worked for Kiwo and Planet B servicing and supporting their Direct-to-Screen devices.

Davis will be working at OYO’s 378,000 square foot facility in Houston, Texas. He joins an existing group of dedicated support technicians, as well as a full staff of customer service, sales, engineering, and manufacturing.


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