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“By including a fully functional ICC-profile-creation program with all retail versions of ColorBurst, for no additional cost, we are setting a new standard for what a RIP delivers out of the box,” says Larry Spevak, founder and president of ColorBurst. He’s talking about SpectralVision Pro v2.0, a profile-creation tool that is now included in versions 4.1 (Mac) and 7.6 (Windows) of the ColorBurst RIP. SpectralVision Pro is engineered in cooperation with Monaco/X-Rite and includes features such as Total Ink Control, UCR/GCR control, black-ink control, and Bezier curve control over black generation. New features for the Mac version include SpectralVision Pro v2.0, Print Certification with ability to print a verification sticker to Dymo Label Writers, updated PostScript engine, and support for up to 255-character file name. The new PC version includes SpectralVision Pro v2.0, updated PostScript engine, support for Mimaki solvent inkjet printers, and support for Durst Rho printers in the new ColorBurst ProLab-CMYK product. ColorBurst Systems, 101 E. Holly Ave., Sterling, VA 20164, 703-404-1795, Web:


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