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Wasatch’s upgraded COLORIP now offers additional capabilities and compatibilities to users of Roland printers. Wasatch says the upgraded software features the latest file formats and operation systems, third-party-media profiles, 16-bit color, direct-to-layout workflows, and pre-RIP nesting. With 16-bit rendering, Wasatch says color subtleties and gradients in raster images are maintained with enormous detail, and vector gradients are perfectly smooth at any output size. Through the direct-to-layout workflow, users can drag and drop images into the layout window from the integrated file browser and prepare them to print as a part of an overall print run. Users also can resize, rotate, mirror, add/remove copies, and nest images without leaving the layout view. The nesting tools create layouts automatically, whether users prepare images directly in the layout window or hold single jobs to arrange later. Smart-Nesting with auto-rotation changes image orientation to maximize media savings. Additionally, Wasatch RIPs each image individually so users won’t have to reprocess jobs to use them in new layouts. Users can create blended layouts later by nesting new images together with pre-RIPed files from the print queue. Wasatch Computer Technology, LLC, 333 South 300 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, 801-575-8043, fax: 801-575-8075, Web:

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