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If you plan to print large cut pieces or oversized textiles, consider adding the TAS 3012 textile press to your shop. The 12-color/14-station automatic press features a maximum frame size of 32 x 52 in. (813 x 1321 mm) and a maximum print area of 24 x 44 in. (610 x 1118 mm). Each printhead is equipped with a rolling contact registration system, and the microregistration has a bullseye guide to assist in precise screen positioning. Calibrated head off-contact allows users to set screen heights or flash-cure-unit heights at the same position every time. The touch-panel controller features a 32-character backlit display, instant machine-status recognition, automatic diagnosis of machine faults, and a chemical-resistant, flat, membrane front panel. The controller also features independent head control with a multiple-pass function. All TAS presses are available with Smart electric or pneumatic heads and come with a two-year limited warranty. The TAS 3012 also is available in six-, eight-, and 12-color configurations. TAS West, 28008 Harrison Pkwy., Valencia, CA 91355, 661-295-9330, fax: 661-295-9333, Web:


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