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Boston Industrial Solutions Ink for Plastics

Boston Industrial Solutions Ink for Plastics

Available in 21 high-opacity colors.

The Natron TP Series of all-purpose pad printing ink from Boston Industrial Solutions is designed for adhesion to a variety of plastic substrates, including Tritan, ABS, PET, and polystyrene, as well as PVC, paper, cardboard, and wood. The series can also be utilized as a two-component ink on hard substrates; and the ink is engineered to withstand alcohol, acids, gasoline, and alkali.

Available in 21 high-opacity colors including metallics, the nontoxic Natron TP Series offers features including high glossy finish, fast drying for multicolor prints, scratch resistance, smooth printability for open and closed ink cup pad printing machines, and heavy metal-free composition.


MANUFACTURER: Boston Industrial Solutions
PRODUCT CATEGORY: Inks + Coatings / Prepress + Screen Making


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