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CAPS Int’l says its conveyor dryers are affordable, unduplicated systems that offer increased durability and a high level of consistency and function. The dryers are available in sizes of 5 ft x 24 in. (1.5 m x 610 mm), 6.5 ft x 24 in. (1.9 m x 610 mm), and 8 ft x 24 or 36 in. (2.4 m x 610 or 914 mm). The dryers are USA-built and feature a powder-coated construction, independently mounted control boxes, infrared heating panels, and a Teflon-coated belt. Other features include belt-tracking guides, temperature controller, adjustable belt-speed controller, and auto belt-cool-down timer (on some models). CAPS Int’l, 800-330-5515, Web:



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