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Vastex had start-up and budget-conscious shops in mind when the company developed its F-Flash (model F1-18) flash-curing unit. It comes with an 18 x 18-in. (457 x 457-mm), 1750-w, 120-v heater and is supplied with a 15-amp power cord. The F-Flash also is equipped with a high-density, quartz-fabric infrared panel, a power on/off switch that also is a thermal breaker, a pilot indicator light, and stand with adjustable height. Other features include 2.75-in. (70-mm) head height, 360º head rotation, handles mounted on each side of the unit, and a vented heat shield to protect the operator. Locking casters are optional. The F-Flash comes with a three-year warranty, including the heating element. Vastex Screen Printing Equipment, 1032 N. Irving St., Allentown, PA 18109-1846, 610-434-6004, fax: 610-434-6607, Web:


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