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RipPro v.03 RIP software from DTG allows users to automatically format designs to be sent to their DTG direct-to-garment inkjet printer. RipPro features include step and repeat for textile printing, support for PostScript Level 3.0, simultaneous RIP and print, RIP once and print many, and advanced dithering designed to control the placement and shape of the dot to create a smooth image. The software also features the capacity to drive multiple printers at the same time and the tools to create white underbase layers, highlight white, and spot colors. SWF East, Inc., 5409 S. West Shore Blvd., Tampa, FL 33611, 813-832-6830, Web: SWF/Mesa Distributors is located at 3134 Marquita Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76116, 817-560-4222, Web:


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