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Roland DGA Graphic Transfer System

Roland DGA Graphic Transfer System

Engineered to decorate difficult-to-print products.

Roland DGA’s Graphic Transfer System (GTS) is designed to transfer detailed graphics onto products that are difficult or impossible to print on, such as irregularly shaped items with uneven surfaces, rounded corners, or extended edges. The system leverages GTS Print Sheets, GTS Transfer Film, V-Bond UV ink, and LEF2 Series benchtop UV flatbed printers to transfer vibrant, detailed designs, logos, or text onto a variety of objects and substrates. Users print the desired graphic onto the GTS Print Sheet with an LEF2 press and V-Bond ink, overlay the GTS Transfer Film onto the graphic, and transfer the UV ink to the object with light manual pressure. The company reports transferred graphics are durable and scratch resistant.


PRODUCT CATEGORY: Graphics Printing

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