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SignWarehouse designed its EnduraSCREEN screen-printing presses to meet the needs of new and experienced shops. The EnduraSCREEN One is designed for start-ups and comes with four screens, an exposure unit with multi-point blacklight with tempered glass, pin registration, individual head off-contact control, and a built-in flash cure with heat controls. The One model can support optional attachments for printing sleeves, numbers, hats, and jackets. The EnduraSCREEN 1824C is intended for printing onto Coroplast and other flat stock. It features an 18 x 24-in. (457 x 610-mm) vacuum and print area, a 30 x 36-in. (762 x 914-mm) frame and bed size, temperature-controlled screen-drying cabinet, and a vacuum blacklight exposure unit. The 1824C uses air-cure inks and can accommodate a cap attachment and leg sleeve pocket. The EnduraSCREEN 960 reportedly can print up to 96 items/hr and features X-Y-Z microregistration, individual off-contact controls, upgradeable printheads from four to six colors, an adjustable heater light, and adjustable temperature heat controls with light indicators. The 960 also features a hardened-steel registration gate designed for precise registration, calrod heater with a three-year warranty, and crowned rollers for belt tracking. Add-ons include two color stations (for four colors), cap attachments for first and second colors, and a leg sleeve pocket. All EnduraSCREEN presses come with a supply kit that may include ink, spray adhesive, degreaser, stencil remover, press wash, screen wash, emulsion, scoop coater, squeegees of various sizes, roll split tape, vellum pack, and more. SignWarehouse, 2614 Texoma Dr., Denison, TX 75020, 800-699-5514, Web:


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