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Hirsch International’s Adelco JetForce is a split dryer featuring two belts, each with its own motor and speed controls for curing two jobs at once. Users can set one side with a fast belt speed and shorter retention time to cure plastisol inks on light garments, and set the other side with a slow belt speed and longer retention time for curing water-based inks on dark garments. Hirsch says the dryers incorporate massive volumes of jet-forced, super-heated air for fast and efficient curing, as well as superior air and heat distribution for extremely even belt temperatures throughout the oven. The Adelco Jet Force split dryer comes with two independent 27-in. (686-mm) belts or two independent 33-in. (838-mm) belts. Users also can add oven sections. Adelco JetForce reportedly offers the industry’s lowest carbon footprint, and Hirsch says using a UV flame detector instead of flame rods gives JetForce the most efficient air/gas combination possible. Hirsch International, 50 Engineers Rd., Hauppauge, NY 11788, 800-394-4426, fax: 800-772-1788, Web:


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