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About IPC E-Textiles 2020 Virtual Summit




IPC E-Textiles 2020 – Virtual Summit will bring top-notch e-textiles education to your desktop through three workshops and demonstrations by the University of Minnesota’s Wearables Technology Lab. Each 90-minute workshop will include presentations followed by panel discussions with presenters.

Collaborate and connect with industry leaders
Learn about the latest innovations, designs and manufacturing concepts for e-textiles
Enjoy a tour of the Wearable Technology Lab |College of Design University of Minnesota

How Do We Do This? E-Textiles Products for Consumer and Medical Applications
This workshop will provide real-world approaches to taking your product from concept to mass productions, pitfalls to expect and how to avoid them. Instructors will use examples from various product sectors, including sports, fashion and medical.

Material Issues and Wash Factors
During this workshop, you will learn about some of the latest advancements in materials for e-textiles applications, from liquid metal vias to functional fibers, as well as wash factors and the environmental impacts of washing e-textiles products.

E-Textiles for Defense and Government Applications
A major area of business for the domestic e-textiles community will be military and defense applications. This workshop will provide real-world success stories in the world of military contracts as well as an insider’s guide to doing business with the military.

University of Minnesota Wearables Technology Lab Demonstrations
Students and faculty from the Wearables Technology Lab will bring you up to speed on the latest innovations they are working on with industry partners, materials advancements and the equipment and processes they use for their projects. Following demonstrations, attendees will be able to attend virtual huddle-ups with students and faculty for Q&A and to potentially collaborate on that next big project.


Check out the presentation descriptions and agenda for more details.

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Watch the 2020 Rising Stars Awards

Congratulations to the six winners of the third annual Rising Stars Awards. Watch the recording of the live virtual awards ceremony from January 28, 2020. The recipients – all of whom are age 35 or younger – were chosen based on their professional accomplishments, fresh thinking, contributions toward industry advancement, commitment to excellence, and a strong impact on their organizations.

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