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NPES and VDMA Release Worldwide Market for Print 2.0 Study



A groundbreaking study just released projects significant opportunity for the $400 billion printing industry through 2021. The “Worldwide Market for Print 2.0: Global Opportunities in Publishing Printing and Marketing & Commercial Printing” (WWMP) study, published by NPES and VDMA, is the premier market analysis tool and a critical resource for anyone in the printing industry.

A groundbreaking study just released projects significant opportunity for the $400 billion printing industry through 2021. The “Worldwide Market for Print 2.0: Global Opportunities in Publishing Printing and Marketing & Commercial Printing” (WWMP) study, published by NPES and VDMA, is the premier market analysis tool and a critical resource for anyone in the printing industry. Complete with huge amounts of global data and analysis, this in-depth forecast and trends report delivers detailed analysis on 26 markets for print, and essential insight into how to successfully penetrate and position within these markets of opportunity. The WWMP Phase II study follows the Phase I study in 2016 focused on Packaging Printing.


Publishing Printing
The new study reports that currently 71% of the total publishing printing revenues in the study are concentrated in five top markets: China, U.S., Japan, U.K. and France. However, the largest share and fastest pace of future growth will be primarily among emerging nations in the Asia-Pacific region. India’s large market will be the most opportune global bright spot, projected to grow significantly at 8.1% annually, adding $1.2 billion in domestic revenue between 2016 and 2021, and supplant the U.K. as the fourth largest publishing printing market. Additionally, projected regional Asia-Pacific growth in Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and China will post annual increases from 6.1% to 1.2% through 2021.


Dominated in 2016 by newspapers at $27 billion globally, magazines at $26 billion, and books at $21 billion worldwide, these publishing segments will experience moderate declines of 2.4%, 2.2% and 1.2% respectively through 2021 in local-currency terms.



Marketing & Commercial Printing
The global marketing & commercial printing market, at $62 billion in 2016, offers more global opportunities among 18 of 26 nations studied as those markets are expected to experience positive annual growth from 2017 to 2021. Across the regions, Western Europe accounted for 40% of the total market in 2016, followed by Asia-Pacific at 29%, and N. America at 25%. Emerging markets will again post the fastest annual growth through 2021. Indonesia leads with yearly growth in 2017-2021 at 8.2%, India at 7.7%, and Vietnam at 6.1%, followed by a broad mix of nations with Germany and France closing out the 18-country growth bracket. The larger U.S, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Canada and U.K. markets reflect modest annual declines ranging from 1.4% to 0.3%.


Among the five marketing & commercial printing segments, brochure & pamphlet printing was the largest at $20 billion in 2016, with solid average growth across the 26 countries in the study projected at 2.5% annually 2017–2021. And, the second largest segment, catalog printing, reflects positive 2.7% annual growth to 2021.


Joint-Member Task Force
Together, a joint-member task force from NPES The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies and the Printing and Paper Technology Association within the German Mechanical Engineering Association (Verband Deutscher Maschinenund Anlagenbau—VDMA) worked with a team from The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the business intelligence arm of The Economist Group and the world’s leading provider of country intelligence, to conduct the global research and analysis for this study. The EIU additionally provided a variety of actionable recommendations derived from the research.



NPES President Thayer Long stated that, “Maximizing our partnership with VDMA to expand the “Worldwide Market for Print 2.0” study series has produced the most comprehensive analysis of global printing markets available to date, greatly benefiting our respective members, and laying the groundwork to grow the entire value chain. We have already launched new collaborative activities in other important research, trade and market data areas that will yield significantly more valuable opportunities for the industry.”


“Leveraging the synergies and expertise of VDMA and NPES in these important global print markets research areas, and expanding our cooperative activities with NPES further in jointly-produced trade and educational programs, offers both our memberships unrivaled opportunities to significantly enhance their competitive advantage in global markets,” stated Dr. Markus Heering, Managing Director of VDMA Printing and Paper Technology. “VDMA looks forward to expanding our collective efforts with NPES in the coming years for the benefit of the industry and our members,” he continued.


The accelerated growth of emerging markets underscores the dominant trends and driving forces identified in this Phase II study. Recommendations from The Economist Intelligence Unit for equipment manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) suppliers, printers and brand owners include:



• Utilizing the comprehensive two-phased studies to identify and invest in key country markets based on business priorities and regional focus;
• Seeking value throughout each area of the supply chain;
• Focusing on specialized market niches;
• Adapting to changing market dynamics; and,
• Improving data analytics in all business areas.


NPES originally published the landmark “Worldwide Market for Print: Identifying Global Opportunities for the Print Industry” (WWMP) study in 2013, framing an understanding of the size of the global print and imaging industry. Subsequently, both the 2016 and 2017 research studies evaluated key country demographics, global and regional printing industry trends, sized the historical markets from 2011–2016, and forecast through 2021 with key recommendations for NPES and VDMA members to leverage worldwide business opportunities.


The new “Worldwide Market for Print 2.0: Global Opportunities in Publishing Printing and Marketing & Commercial Printing” study is available exclusively to NPES and VDMA members. The study includes the comprehensive analytical report, key drivers of change, deep dives into six key country markets (U.S., Germany, China, India, Mexico and Indonesia), seven regional and 26 country profiles, plus specific market recommendations. Included also is a proprietary user-friendly Excel “dashboard” that delivers: historical estimates for all countries and regions (2012–2016); forecasts (2017–2021); key macroeconomic and demographic indicators; interactive heat maps; and, dynamic functionality to prepare multi-variable comparative charts and tables in both U.S.-dollar and local-currency terms. These resources are embargoed from sale for four months to permit advance business and market advantages for NPES and VDMA members.


For more information about the new “Worldwide Market for Print 2.0” study contact: NPES: Rekha Ratnam at phone: (in U.S.) +1-703-264-7200, or e-mail: Or (in Germany), VDMA: Jessica Göres at: +49-696603-1450, or e-mail: Or visit, or



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