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Quantum Leap in Quality and Total Value to Customers by Matan at SGIA 2014




Matan Digital Printers launches Matan Quantum Super-Wide Format Hybrid UV Printer for HD indoor graphics. New printer is presented at the Digitech Solutions Group booth # 2829, SGIA 2014, in addition to Matan 8QW.


Matan Digital Printers launches Matan Quantum Super-Wide Format Hybrid UV Printer for HD indoor graphics. New printer is presented at the Digitech Solutions Group booth # 2829, SGIA 2014, in addition to Matan 8QW.


Quantum Quality
The new Matan Quantum printer is designated for HD quality close-view applications. This printer features Matan’s groundbreaking Quantum Printing Engine, comprising leading edge printhead technology, with inherent 7pL drops and 3 grayscale levels, advanced LED UV curing and LED-curable UV inks. The new Quantum printer is based on Matan’s reputable Super-Wide Format platform, with hundreds of installations worldwide, including many sites with multiple Matan systems. Also exhibited is a selection of new add-ons, including Jumbo Media Handling System, ID Backprint, Vacuum Plate which is now being offered at the size of 2mx3m and more.



“Matan Quantum was developed specifically in order to answer the needs of print providers seeking the highest quality printing for a wide variety of applications. This unique all-in-one solution can serve customers in the best way to increase their profitablity.” said Mr. Hanan Yosefi, Matan’s CEO & President. “Our innovative printing technology gives the Matan Quantum tiny 7pL droplets and variable drop size that produces 3 greyscale levels: 7pL, 14 pL and 21pL. The result is phenomenal HD resolution of up to 1,200 dpi print quality, with superb transitions, vignettes, skin tones and shadows, as well as precise and sharp 4 point size text. All of these are a perfect match for indoor close-view applications” added Yosefi. “Combined with our cutting edge LED curing, complemented by new LED UV curable inks as well as our impressive selection of new add-ons, we offer a unique comprehensive solution, which we know the market has been long waiting for”. Yosefi concluded that “Matan’s existing line of printers, which is selling exceptionally well around the world, where speed and productivity are the main deciding factors, will continue to innovate.”


Selection of new Add-ons
Based on the Matan Super-wide format platform, the Quantum is fully compatible with the entire collection of Matan add-ons, turning it into a highly versatile all-in-one printing system.


In keeping with Matan’s tradition of innovation, SGIA will see the introduction of new add-ons, offering Matan owners more versatility, usability and profitability.



One of these is the Jumbo Roll Media Handling System for extremely large media rolls of up to 750kg. The system includes a motorized Loader and Collector, each equipped with a dancer, enabling continuous, unattended work, without stopping for changing rolls and saves money on external devices.

Another innovative feature is the ID Backprint, an external discrete printing device that prints file and job information on the rear side of the media, facilitating the identification of the finished job and helps prevent errors in finishing, packing, shipping and installing.


Matan’s revolutionary Vacuum Plate is also exhibited at the show. This groundbreaking capability turns the printer to a flatbed including for the thinner materials. The Vacuum Plate is presented at 5’x10’ (1.50 m x 3.05 m) and is also now being offered at a new size of 6.5’ x 9.8’ (2m x 3m), to meet European standards.



Matan 8QW Legacy Printer
Also features at SGIA will be the Matan 8QW 5m (16.40’) Hybrid UV printer with phenomenal white printing capabilities with a selection of successful add-ons, including Inline Finishing, Automatic Backlit, Automatic Blockout printing and more.




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