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Decorated Apparel Podcast “Shirt Show” Finds New Sponsor in InkSoft




shirt show

New decorated apparel podcast “Shirt Show” is here, and industry technology company InkSoft was eager to show its support. The podcast, featuring two hosts with ample experience in the decorated apparel space, is released weekly with each episode welcoming a different guest into the fold.

The hosts, Shirt Kong owner Andy Rudman and Upstate Merch owner Dylan Gilligan, already had their fair share of recognition before starting this new venture. With Shirt Kong boasting 12.5k Instagram followers and Upstate Merch coming in with 24.5k of their own, it’s clear that both screen printing & merchandising shops had an audience that was willing to listen. Nine episodes in and with no end in sight, InkSoft founder JP Hunt saw an opportunity to invest in some of decorated apparel’s most distinguished voices and didn’t hesitate.

“With everything our industry’s been facing for the past few months, giving decorators a place to hear insight, discussions, and advice from leading experts was something I was eager to support,” Hunt says. “It’s about fostering a community of professionals, and InkSoft couldn’t be prouder to be involved.” 

InkSoft, an innovative e-commerce technology company that serves the decorated apparel and merchandising space, is a longtime supporter of helping new ideas, tools, and techniques flourish inside the industry. With educational assets like a digital marketing training course and an industry podcast (“Sell More Merch”) of its own available for free online, the company is always looking to connect decorators with the knowledge they need to succeed.

It’s that motivation that made sponsoring “Shirt Show” an easy decision. But InkSoft’s involvement with the podcast doesn’t stop there; Hunt was recently a featured guest himself, taking the time to discuss all things apparel, pandemic, and trade secrets with the show’s hosts. From career stories to personal anecdotes to InkSoft technology tips and tricks, the typical “Shirt Show” candor is present throughout this episode, leaving those inside the industry with an insight-packed edition that doubles as A+ entertainment. 

Other notable guests that have graced the podcast so far include Jonathan Ornelas of Success Print Shop, Juan Carlos of Squeegee Prints, Bruce Ackerman of Printavo, and Amy Baker of Threadbare Print House. With no topics off-limits and a wealth of insight streaming in from different industry forces, “Shirt Show” is already making waves — and it’s planning to continue full-speed ahead. 


“We like to bounce ideas off each other, and it’s fun to chat with other printers,” Gilligan says of the show. “If you love screenprinting as much as we do, it’s for you.”

Co-host Rudman adds: “Shirt Show brings you all the things you need to know in the shirt world — [everything] screen printing, entrepreneur life, free time off-press, and what’s for dinner.”

For more information and to start listening now, head to Apple ( or Spotify ( 



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