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Women in Screen Printing

Meet the Women in Screen Printing: Jodi Taylor

Taylor is a driven and determined leader who never stops learning.




Jodi Taylor

Jodi Taylor, Owner PSI Screenprinting Currumbin Waters, Queensland, Australia,

JODI IS A driven and determined born leader and it shows in the success of PSI Screenprinting… Jodi is always learning and growing as a person and this flows through to the team and the business as a whole. Her team of 21 employees love and respect her as a boss, but also hold her in a very high regard as a female leader in business.” — Joel Taylor, general manager, PSI Screenprinting

Your nomination form states that once you received a leadership position at PSI Screenprinting you began taking training courses via multiple professional business coaching organizations and leadership development programs. Still to this day, after 14 years managing the business, you continue to complete weekly training programs as well as provide it for each department in the business, specifically professional sales training for the sales team and screen printing and production training for the production department through videos and online learning. Why is continuous education so important to you, not only personally but for the employees in your shop?

I always want to get better and learn more. There is always something to learn and I actively seek this out and want to grow personally and be a better person in every aspect of my life. I see myself giving someone a job as not just a job but an opportunity to help that person grow and become a better person. We as business owners and women have a lot of influence on people, and I see that as a privilege. I don’t want to waste our time; I want to sow into peoples’ lives and careers.

You are enthusiastic about quality, especially in providing your team with the best quality and equipment, and that you travel to ISS Long Beach each year. Why is it necessary for you to have an ear to the ground on new technology and trends?

I think we all need to – it would be ignorant to not. Our industry is going through a phase of digital impact and transformation, and I personally am excited by that and want to be involved. I don’t want to be left behind so I am watching the digital squeegee realm very closely and am eager to be a part of it.


You currently mentor two female start-up business owners. Why is mentorship important to you and what does it mean for you to be a woman in the screen printing industry?

I have not actively sought after people/women to mentor, but as a woman and a mother and being 40 years of age I have found other young women and new mothers who want to know how I have handled managing a business and having kids. I have found through seeking education and being in training that other women have been drawn to want to know how [I’ve become successful] and what have been my challenges. I mentor two women who have other businesses not in the same industry, who have very young children and are ambitious and I truly support and encourage that. It doesn’t have to be one or the other – you can have both, but honestly I couldn’t do it without my husband and the support of my children (and a cleaner/lifesaver).




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