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How Can Screen Printers Make the Most of Their Time?

Leaders in decorated apparel report on recent low-effort, high-impact initiatives.




How Can Screen Printers Make the Most of Their Time?
  • Quick clips for social media. — Sam Lapcevic, Branded Threads
  • Saving more screens for heavy-hitter retail jobs rather than reclaiming and reburning as often. Hardening and post exposing helps prevent breakdown. — Ian Graham, Fine Southern Gentlemen
  • eCommerce sites. — Shawn LaFave, North Georgia Promotions
  • Drilling into the staff the importance of a clean screen after reclaim.  — Andy MacDougall, MacDougall Screen Printing
  • Empowering / “making” our leaders lead — having them step up to run office meetings, production meetings, etc., instead of me, the owner, facilitating meetings. Confidence has boosted, performance has improved, and subordinates have a greater level of respect.  — Jessica Tillery, All Quality Graphics
  • We’ve started using a free CRM which plugs into our email, and it has helped keep track of all leads. — Shannon McKinnon, Aisle 6ix
  • We walk around the shop with a phone and record everyone saying “Welcome ____” and then send to [new hires] before their first day with us. [It has a] huge impact and costs 5 minutes of someone’s time. — Brian Geffen, Duds by Dudes
  • Outsourcing project work to a virtual assistant. You still have to manage the process, develop templates and communication, and be there to help reduce friction and problems. — Marhall Atkinson, Atkinson Consulting
  • Cross training machine operators to run presses, a spray line, and a labeling line. — Michael McCall, Chattanooga Labeling Systems
  • We have begun using ChatGPT to generate cold emails for testing the waters with outbound sales, something that is new for our 17-year-old company. The results have been both exciting and a bit scary. — Scott Garnett, King Screen
  • Hmmm… Lately everything feels high-effort, low-impact! 🙂 —  Matthew Pierrot, GetBOLD – T-shirt Printing and Embroidery
  • We hired a graphic design firm that works remotely for all of our mockups, graphic design, and seps. This was instantly the best thing we have ever done. There is an added expense, but the cost is much less than hiring an employee. — Jason Feather, Aka
  • I wrote a book on screen printing. I had to do something during the pandemic… — Charlie Taublieb, Taublieb Consulting
  • Quarterly check-ins with our employees give us insight into what is working and what needs help as well as giving our employees a voice in how the company is run.  — Ryan Toney, P&M Apparel

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