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Keeping Up with the Screen Printers

Brain Squad members offer up hypothetical titles for a reality TV show.




COULD THE EVERYDAY drama at your shop entertain millions on television? The situations screen printers find themselves in are often hard to believe. (Just check out our True Tales section.) In a recent Brain Squad survey, we asked our members this question: “If there was a reality TV show based on your company, what would it be called?” Check out what some of our stars from the Brain Squad had to say below.

  • “Hoarders With Wet Ink” — Ron Goodwin, Goodwin Graphics
  • “Late Night Printing” or “Don’t Worry, We’re On It.” — Rene Cantu, 361 Printing & Embroidery
  • “Island of Misfit Toys” — Maude Swearingen, Fully Promoted Arbutus
  • “The Life Behind Getting Shirty.” — Ron Augelli,
  • “Working Smarter” — Mark Coudray, Coudray Growth Tech

  • “American Ninja Printer” — Charlie Vetters, Organic Robot Designs
  • “Mike Rowe – Dirty Jobs” — Alison Banholzer, Wear Your Spirit Warehouse
  • “Charlie’s Corner” — Charlie Taublieb, Taublieb Consulting
  • “Push Pull Print Show” — Andy MacDougall, MacDougall Screen Printing
  • “ART Breaks 💔” — Gavin StGeorges,
  • “Making the Brand” — Christine Geronimo, Midnight Supply Company
  • “First of all, that would make for an awesome show!! I’m going to need you guys to sign an NDA for these ideas. 😉 “Smokin’ Squeegees,” “ROQkin World,” “Heaven n Hell: You Must Reprint Your Sins” (Produced by Squeesus Merch Madness) — Jessica Tillery, All Quality Graphics
  • “Distinct Impression” — John Wilhemsen, Distinct Impression
  • “Sisyphean Silkscreen” — Kyle Baker, Baker Prints
  • “Knee Deep in Shirt” — Matthew Pierrot, GetBOLD – T-shirt Printing and Embroidery
  • “An Island in a Sea of Insanity.” — Robert Francis, ScreenPrintPlus

  • “The Print Specialist” — J Jeetendra, The Print Specialist
  • “Squeegee & Ink.” It’s already a handy name to have! — Chessie Rosier Parker, Squeegee & Ink
  • “Everyone Needs a Little Hair of the Dog (Graphics)” — Kristin Deutsch, Hair of the Dog Graphics
  • “Ink Slingers” — Marshall Atkinson, Atkinson Consulting
  • “Zen and the Art of Screen Printing” — Eric Courtemanche, Revision Screen Printing
  • “Survivor” No one really understands what it takes to survive as a small manufacturing business in America. — Larry Mays, Mays Marketing Group

What’s the Brain Squad?

If you’re the owner or top manager of a screen-printing business, you’re invited to join the Screen Printing Brain Squad. Take one five-minute quiz a month, and you’ll be featured prominently in this magazine, and make your voice heard on key issues affecting screen-printing pros. Sign up here.




Let’s Talk About It

Creating a More Diverse and Inclusive Screen Printing Industry

LET’S TALK About It: Part 3 discusses how four screen printers have employed people with disabilities, why you should consider doing the same, the resources that are available, and more. Watch the live webinar, held August 16, moderated by Adrienne Palmer, editor-in-chief, Screen Printing magazine, with panelists Ali Banholzer, Amber Massey, Ryan Moor, and Jed Seifert. The multi-part series is hosted exclusively by ROQ.US and U.N.I.T.E Together. Let’s Talk About It: Part 1 focused on Black, female screen printers and can be watched here; Part 2 focused on the LGBTQ+ community and can be watched here.

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