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Rising Stars Awards

Meet the 2020 Rising Stars Awards Winner: Veronica Anderson




Veronica Anderson

Veronica Anderson
Owner, V. Anderson Designs, Oklahoma City, OK

1. How did you enter the screen printing industry?

I’ve been a graphic designer for more than 10 years, but always wanted to create more physical products. I started as a crafter with a vinyl cutter, but quickly realized I wanted to create more intricate designs with more variety. After much research, I learned that screen printing was the way to go.

2. Your nomination form, from Matthew Anderson, V. Anderson Designs, states you run several Facebook groups for crafters and printers that are based around the brand, offering free shop files and other educational resources. You’re also working on a web series. Why is training and education within the industry important to you?

This is important because screen printing is not an inexpensive hobby. While I do think trial and error is an important part of the learning process, it can get out of hand quickly. With classes, videos, and tutorials, you can minimize your losses by simply learning the process on your own.


3. Matthew also states, “This young woman began as a crafter and maker. Slowly adding pieces of equipment and learning the trade through classes, webinars, and video online. She has built a brand that continues to grow and is exceptional in assisting customers with their tough decisions.” How has the availability of social media and online platforms helped you expand as a screen printer, as well as grow your business?

Because I am also a graphic designer who caters to crafters, online platforms play a huge role in creating, releasing, and selling those files. Social media has played an important role in the marketing of any service. When customers start to see behind the scenes, they feel they can relate to you, and that they have a personal relationship to purchase from you.

4. What do you consider your greatest professional accomplishment to date?

Most of my professional accomplishments involve my digital files. I design exclusive files for various websites and have been featured as a designer on others. Because of my design background, my screen printing has improved. I do not have to outsource file corrections and I can assist clients when they have an idea for printing, but not a tangible design.



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