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Digital Art Solutions Offers Free Classes In February

The offered classes are part of Digital Art Solutions’ free weekly Graphics Academy series.




(PRESS RELEASE) Add new skills and sharpen existing ones with classes offered in February by Digital Art Solutions as part of its free weekly Graphics Academy series. If you miss a live webcast, you can view archived versions at .

Upcoming classes include:

  • Grow Your Business with Graphics
    Monday, February 1
    3 p.m. EST
    This class will focus on the tools and techniques to manage the graphics side of your business. It will feature the brand-new Graphics Builder 9 and 10 collections. Learn how to come up with a strategy for managing and producing graphics to increase revenue, open new accounts, and retain existing accounts.
  • CorelDRAW for Laser Engraving with David Stevens
    Wednesday, February 3
    3 p.m. EST
    Sponsored by Trotec Laser
    Join industry expert, David Stevens from Trotec Laser as he presents a special session on mastering CorelDRAW for laser engraving. The extended 90-minute class will feature CorelDRAW 2020 but will be useful for all versions of CorelDRAW. Learn the basics of the program and identify the tools to edit and output graphics for laser engraving and etching.
  • Essential Designs Skills for Increasing Visual Value
    Monday, February 8
    3 p.m. EST
    Learn a set of design skills that will add visual value to your graphics at the level of top retail brands. Topics include how to increase your sales, work with color themes, add dynamic eye-catching text effects, and create embroidery or appliqué effects with vector graphics.
  • The Road to Sublimation Success
    Monday, February 15
    3 p.m. EST
    Sponsored by Conde Systems
    Join industry expert David Gross from Conde Systems as he outlines a success strategy for sublimation printing. He will be discussing key concepts from his new book, “The Road to Sublimation Success: Harnessing the Power of Sublimation for Outstanding Profits.”
  • Building a Successful Social Media Strategy
    Monday, February 22
    3 p.m. EST
    This class will identify simple, effective strategies for reaching your clients through social media. Learn how to build an effective social media presence, leverage social media to promote your company and products, and understand the difference between the platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

To register, go to .

For more information, contact Digital Art Solutions at 800-959-7627; email: or visit the website here.

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