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Empire Screen Announces Sustainably Printed Overlays

Overlays manufactured sustainably with recyclable polycarbonates.




(PRESS RELEASE) ONALASKA, WI – Empire Screen Printing, a leading manufacturer of screen-printed products, announces overlays that are both durable and sustainable, allowing organizations to reflect their brand while respecting the environment. The high-quality materials and the green printing process used to manufacture the overlays make them ideal for organizations, especially in the OEM industries.

Empire Screen Printing’s overlays provide the ideal combination of durability and decorative appeal. They provide dimensional stability and resistance to corrosive chemicals, stains, heat, and abrasion. The durability of the overlays makes them ideal for applications that require high mechanical strength and superior optical clarity, such as when a fixture has electronic functions behind it. Further, the ability to choose the overlay with or without adhesive allows for the best fit for the desired surface and end-use.

Serving the bespoke needs of an organization’s brand vision, the overlays’ visual aspects are also highly customizable, featuring selective textures, keypad buttons, a variety of deadfront colors for LED windows, as well as other tailored options. Empire Screen offers a range of colors that runs the gamut from chrome, metallic, opaque, and transparent inks to wholly unique and Pantone colors. These highly customizable features allow organizations to create a professional product that can be used in a variety of contexts, from restaurants to medical devices. Empire Screen’s ability to emboss the overlay also creates form and function on keypad overlays.

The main materials used in Empire Screen’s overlays include polyester and polycarbonates. A recyclable material, our polycarbonates offer little to no iridescence, enhanced scratch resistance, and excellent abrasion resistance. They also achieve outstanding die cutting and embossing qualities as well as excellent resistance to common cleaners and industrial solvents. Polyester, another recyclable material, works on a variety of surfaces—such as clear, matte, polished, and velvet surfaces—and also provides high temperature resistance, as well as excellent dimensional stability.

Empire Screen produces its overlays with sustainable UV LED technology, a process that Empire Screen pioneered in the screen printing field; this environmentally-friendly process eliminates ozone emissions as well as solvents. A green tier company, Empire Screen builds green into every product and has received several awards for its commitment to sustainability.

Organizations looking to capture the essence of their brand while affirming their commitment to the environment will thus find an appealing solution in Empire Screen’s durable and sustainable overlays. For more information on Empire Screen’s overlays, visit

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