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How to Use Bundle Pricing to Sell More Products

Why selling more for less works out.



How to Use Bundle Pricing to Sell More Products

WHATEVER YOU’RE SELLING, you need to do more than make potential customers want your product. You also need to convince them your offer is worth their time and money!

Screen printing lends itself to straightforward sales, but this isn’t necessarily the only or the best way to go. Bundle pricing – offering a lower rate for multiple products – can be an effective means of enticing customers to buy more than they initially intended.

What’s the best way to bundle pricing in the screen printing Industry?

The best approach to bundle pricing depends on the product. Is the customer purchasing already printed goods, or having specific images printed as a service? To keep things simple, we’re going to focus on three main strategies: product bundling, service bundling, and mixed bundling.

  • Product Bundling
    The type you’re probably most familiar with is advertising completed prints in a bundle deal rather than selling them separately. The customer gets a discount (in the form of a lower per-unit cost) by buying more.
  • Service Bundling
    Service bundling is similar to product bundling, but you’re offering the service of printing something specific or commissioned rather than a completed print. Essentially, you’re making it cheaper to commission a bundle of special prints rather than commissioning the prints separately.
  • Mixed Bundling
    Mixed bundling is offering a combination of complete prints and the service of screen printing original designs. As part of the bundle, the customer can purchase blank apparel from you, and you can include the price of a custom print in the deal. Like product and service bundling, mixed bundling makes the combination of the product and the service less expensive than purchasing either individually.

How to Use Bundle Pricing to Sell More Products

What are the Advantages of Bundle Pricing?

This sales tactic offers benefits beyond increased sales. Examples include:

  • Streamlined Production. Because you’re bundling several items together, your production system is streamlined and more efficient.
  • Improved Inventory Management. By creating sales bundles, it’ll be easier for you to manage your inventory so you don’t sit on old stock.
  • Improved buying experience. Purchasing goods and services all in one go is more efficient for your customers. Purchasing bundles also can ensure a coordinated look for customers seeking complementary screen-printed products.
  • Customer Satisfaction. Your customers will really believe that they’re being treated well and they’re getting excellent value for money.

Bundle pricing is a win-win: You attract more sales, and your customers save more money.



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