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Inktavo and S&S Activewear Announce “Trend Watch” Webinar Series

Quarterly webinars aim to inform branded merchandise professionals about emerging product and technology trends.




Inktavo and S&S Activewear Announce “Trend Watch” Webinar Series

(PRESS RELEASE) Inktavo and S&S Activewear, two leading companies in the branded merchandise industry, have joined forces to launch the “Trend Watch” webinar series. The quarterly webinar series equips branded merchandise professionals with valuable information on emerging product and technology trends and provides a comprehensive education for this dynamic industry.

Inktavo and S&S Activewear are committed to providing essential knowledge to help businesses sell and grow.

The “Trend Watch” webinar series will cover a broad range of themes in each session. The topics will include emerging fashion trends, innovative product presentation techniques, market research and data analysis, strategies for entering new markets, and approaches to reach untapped customer segments.

The series will also explore technology-driven trends, including digital marketing, e-commerce strategies, workflow automation, and the power of graphic design technology in accessing new customers and driving sales.

The “Trend Watch” series is scheduled quarterly and will occur in the middle of each quarter, providing a consistent flow of valuable insights throughout the year.

Inktavo and S&S Activewear invite industry veterans, business owners of all sizes, and newcomers to join them on this enriching journey of knowledge and innovation. The series will equip attendees with the resources they need to succeed in 2024 and beyond, enabling them to sell smarter in the dynamic realms of apparel and technology.


The first webinar will take place in mid-February 2024. Register and get more information here.

About Inktavo: Inktavo is the parent company of software companies InkSoft, Printavo, GraphicsFlow, and SignTracker. As a leading software company in the branded merchandise industry, Inktavo is committed to providing innovative solutions for businesses in this dynamic sector.

About S&S Activewear: S&S Activewear is a premier wholesale apparel distributor committed to delivering top-quality products and expert knowledge to the branded merchandise and promotional products industry. Since 1988, S&S Activewear has been a reliable source of high-quality, imprintable apparel for an extensive wholesale customer base. Presently, S&S Activewear boasts the most extensive and easily accessible collection of fashion-forward styles, all delivered promptly, owing to its network of eight nationwide distribution centers, encompassing 4 million square feet of efficient warehouse space, facilitating one-day shipping to 41 states.



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