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Brandi Schieber Runs an All-Female Screen Shop to Build a Legacy for Her 3 Daughters

"I want to show them they can be involved in this industry," she says.




Meet the 2021 WISP Award Winners: Brandi Schieber
Brandi Schieber
Founder | Downtown Threads
Enid, Oklahoma

“SHE JUMPED INTO screen printing with passion and both feet to learn the business inside and out. She doesn’t quit,” says Angela Hermanski, manager, Downtown Threads. “She enjoys learning new things to expand the business the right way. She is a role model to her employees with her can do attitude. She has taken a successful business and grown it and prepared the business for continued success for the future.

One of your nomination forms states, “She went through several trainings to gain more knowledge about screen printing as well as traveled to the ISS shows so she can keep up with the new technology that is always changing in the industry.” Why is it necessary for you to have an ear to the ground on new technology and trends?

As an owner of a screen printing shop, it is important and necessary for me to always keep up with the new technology that is created. For my shop to be able to keep up, we must always have the most efficient equipment possible. Not only do I need to keep up with the technology, but I also always need to be aware of the new trends. People want to stay on trend, and if you can’t offer them the new and best, they will go somewhere else. Education is so important, and in the screen printing industry you can learn from others. There are many ways to do everything, and you must find what works best for your shop. I find it best to learn from others in the industry. When we first purchased our automatic machine, it changed our whole trajectory. We are not just creating T-shirts, we are creating a network of supportive women who want to push this industry forward.

Meet the 2021 WISP Award Winners: Brandi Schieber
It also states, “Brandi’s work continues to put the industry forward in many ways. She is always striving to make the screen printing better as well as more efficient. She does an excellent job of always learning as much as she can and reaching out for help if she doesn’t know something.” What motivates you to make this industry and your business better?

My three daughters are what motivate me to continue to make this industry and my business better. I am a huge supporter of the Women in Screen Printing movement and a large part of that is due to the fact I have three girls and I want to show them that they can be involved in this industry and make a difference, as well. Not only do my children motivate me, but my passion for this industry is strong, so I am always striving to make the industry better as well as my own business. Recently my two passions of agriculture and the screen printing industry have merged as our business has started serving more of the agriculture industry. This is a huge motivator to me to see both of my passions intermingling.

What does being a woman in the screen printing industry mean to you?


Being a woman in the screen printing industry is amazing! I currently have all women employees as well, which allows us a greater opportunity to grow in the industry and our communities. We are paving the way for women after us. I want to leave a legacy for my three daughters through hard work and determination. The screen printing industry is a passion of mine and I want to show other women they can be successful in a male dominated industry. Screen printing is a community not just a job!

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