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Readers React to First Issue of 2023

Articles on lean manufacturing and “dangers of growth” prove a hit.




Readers React to First Issue of 2023
  • I really enjoyed Marshall’s article on “The Dangers of Growth” and the Lean article. It’s always a great reminder to focus on empowering your current team rather than bringing in additional help or consultants. I especially loved all the graphs and pie charts breaking down different analytics [from the Apparel Decorators Survey]. It’s nice to compare our numbers to other shops to see where we fall. I think more analytics in future articles would be super helpful and inspiring to many shop owners. — Jessica Tillery, All Quality Graphics
  • Our biggest lesson moving from manual to auto is that machines do what they are told and nothing more, they are much stronger than any human, and they are not smart. The addition of many more sensors and switches will increase your maintenance requirements, but it’s well worth it. — Ian Graham, Feel So Good
  • Great issue! Loved all the industry stats. That was the most useful article I have seen in a printing publication in years. I also enjoyed the “The Dangers of Growth” article because I am in the middle of that now. I find the online mag difficult to read through and have way too much clicking to do and zooming in and out. I usually read the articles from weekly emails with links to individual articles. Because there is no longer a printed magazine, that’s the easiest way for me to read the articles. — Charlie Vetters, Organic Robot Designs
  • LEAN LEAN LEAN LEAN! Very popular topic and very, very important! Who the hell wouldn’t want to eliminate waste? Time lost, extra effort, more consumables, less production… the list goes on. If you focus too hard on completely rearranging your business overnight, it is absolutely overwhelming. Focus on what may need “fixed” first, develop a plan, and tackle it. Then, when the next pain in the ass or wasteful thing comes along, it becomes fun to implement ways to reduce waste. Get your team on board and give them opportunities to make a difference in waste reduction every day. Before you know it, your waste is cut down significantly. When I was overwhelmed managing a fast-paced pizza shop, my old boss asked me: “Can you eat an elephant?” I responded, “Uh, no. I don’t think so. He said, “Yes you can. One bite at a time.” — Joe Sudrovic, Gorilla Joe Printing
  • I showed the article on moving from manual to auto to our production team. Spot on and encouraging. — Andy MacDougall, MacDougall Screen Printing
  • Lean is life. Lean thinking will not only transform your business but your entire life. Especially as we move closer to the reality of recession, it may become the difference between businesses that survive and those that don’t. — Scott Garnett, King Screen
  • I miss the printed magazine. Thank you to all at Screen Printing magazine. As we sell our business of 44 years and I retire, I want to let you know your magazine has always been my favorite. Even though it is about 25 percent of its previous size, we have appreciated the fact that not every article is about garment printing. Because we print garments and industrial parts, it’s nice to find an occasional article about clam shell presses or enamel vs. epoxy inks. — John Wilhelmsen, Distinct Impression

Readers React to First Issue of 2023

We’re back in print this October only to celebrate our 70th anniversary!

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